July 22, 2019 at 9:41AM


How to keep the subject properly framed in a tracking shot?

I've been doing video since 2012 and while reviewing my work last year I discovered my work was all very objective at their best they did a fine job of showing whats going on. But they rarely conveyed a sense sense what I was feeling. I really want my work to be much more subjective, to guide my viewers to an emotional connection with the subject. So I decided to add camera movement to my repertoire and I purchased a 3axis gimbal (Feiyu AK2000).
I am having difficulty learning proper tracking shot technique. I'm scheduled to film a location spoken word video with a very talented poet in late September or early October. My design for the shoot would have it done with a fairly complex tracking shot in 1 take. Progress in learning gimbal operations is slow and I could benefit from some advice from someone with experience.
To date the search for advice on techniques to assist in keeping the subject in frame with proper eye room has proved fruitless.

Does anyone know where I could find some help?

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