April 11, 2020 at 6:33AM, Edited April 11, 6:37AM

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How to know which film festival to submit your short film to?

Hey everyone!
I've made about 7 short films so far, with my latest short i've had the confidence to put a budget, work with a crew, and it was the best learning experience for me, so I understand that's already a win!

However, I feel that i am so bad at this festival game, I naturally submit to the free festivals on filmfreeway and it's been such a delight! However when it comes to the big expensive festivals (Raindance, Indy shorts, La film festivals) I am here wondering if realistically they're outta my league, and whether i should be spending money on the high possibility of just getting a simple "no". I don't know when will I be professionally ready for festivals like these to consider my work.

What's your festival strategy?

Here is the link to short film if you'd like to watch it - https://youtu.be/6ZlKXAdR_a4

Thanks for your time! :)

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