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how much: Slow motion for FPS

Hey there everyone,

I have a quick and (possibly) simple question:

How much Slow motion do I get for FPS?
(maximum slow motion while keeping everything smooth as baby sloths fur)

My brain tells me it should be something like this: 100fps / 24fps = roughly 25%

is it really like this? Am I completely wrong? Am I crazy as Trumpf?
Please let me know,
Thanks everyone


Different actions require different factors of slow motion. Lots of actions (such as somebody laughing at a joke or giving somebody the eye across a room) need only be slowed down 2:1 (48 fps -> 24 fps) or 2.5:1 (60 fps -> 24 fps). In that context, a 4:1 slow-down looks super slow:

But if you are a real-life fruit ninja, you might need to slow things down 50:1 (1200 fps) as in this video:

It all depends on how fast the action is, and how slow you want it to look on screen. If you slow things down too much for too long, they get pretty boring pretty quickly.

March 22, 2016 at 10:55AM


I think the original poster was just asking if his formula for calculating the slow-down of a certain frame-rate was correct. Which it indeed is - you just divide the acquisition frame-rate with the exhibition frame-rate.

Say you acquire your footage at 60 fps.

On a 30fps timeline, that's 60/30 = 2 (times as slow as real-life), or 50% of normal speed.

If it's on a 24fps timeline, that's 60/24 = 2.5 (times a slow as real life), or 40% of normal speed.

This is very simple...

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Basic math it is.
Unlearn what you have learnt in school you must not.

March 25, 2016 at 8:25PM

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