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How to narrate?

I have been searching the web and mainly this site for information on how to create a narration for an indie film. I can find nothing.

I understand the way to go is hire a professional, but in the small indi docu/film I am doing that's not possible for many reasons. I have to do it in three languages (all of which I already speak) and the text and wording if very complicated and will change through various edits. So I have to do it myself. I have some decent equipment for both the production and post production but no idea what to do. And would love some help

So here are some of the issues I am wondering about. Maybe there is a tutorial or blog on the topic someone could recommend.

Are techniques for getting clarity production/post prod?

How do you finding the right amount of talking vs not talking?

Do you add emotion or keep it mostly flat?

Do you talk to the audience or keep it neutral?

I have like a million more questions but for my first post I think I have already reached my limit. LOL.

Thank you so much everyone!


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You must part from something simple. Have 3 acts. And you must matain the focus.

I can explain more detail but now i don't have time in my job but my mail si cremadesfilms@gmail.com.


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Ragüel Cremades
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