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How To Pull Off Convincing Action Scenes on a Budget ASK ME ANYTHING

Nice article. Enjoyed it and several points I actually am fantatical about (planning/planning and more planning.) I had one specific question regarding Zerk hits. I'm in pre-prod for a very low budget fantasy film. Instead of bullets, we've got arrow hits. Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas on how to adapt the Zerk idea for that?


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Thanks, Michael.

That's a tough one. Generally, the impact of an arrow alone tends to deliver in spades. The only way I could see a Zerk hit working is if it was hitting some kind of metal surface (shield?), but you'd still need to see the arrow land. If you are using CG arrows for the hits, maybe you could combine it with a Zerk, but I think you might be better off trying to find practical ways to focus on just the arrow. Don't want to over complicate it.

Just some food for thought.

July 10, 2016 at 11:03AM

Allan Ungar

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