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How should I determine my weekly rate?

So I run a modest sized production company in Australia and we have usually always worked on half and full day rates for video editing. We have a couple projects coming up where we are editing up to 15 different videos as part of the same campaign.

Is it normal to charge 5 days and then discount it by 10-15% for a weekly rate? Or how do others usually go about it?


It is customary to discount rentsl rates when dealing in bulk. Not hourly rates (unless you start with a very high hourly rate designed to discourage very short projects).

April 29, 2017 at 12:51PM


Definitely equipment gets a better rate if it's a longer-term project. Your own day rates? I guess it depends on how you're set up. For us, editing is what it is. Which means no discounts. Why? I guess our experience says by taking that 20 day editing/post project we're dedicating our edit bays and editor time to one project, which usually means giving up other projects. Opportunity cost.

But whatever works for your business. The important thing is to HAVE a plan on how to deal with things. Consistency.

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Patrick Ortman
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While it's true that on a 20 day job your edit bays are tied up for 20 days, it's also a guaranteed 20 days. Would you normally be booked for a solid 20 days by smaller jobs?

May 1, 2017 at 11:00AM

David Summers
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