October 8, 2018 at 8:35PM


How should I manage background score for a long film?

Hello all,

I have a film project coming up for which I will be doing the background music. I have done music for videos in the past, but was wondering how to go about a few things when it comes to a film and how is it actually done.

For e.g when it comes to particular scenes where video edits points need to be in sync with the beat of the music, who is responsible for this sync? Composer/sound editor or the video editor?
Wouldn't it be hard for the composer/sound editor to find a tempo/edit point for the music to sync with something that was not edited on tempo i.e the video? Wouldn't it be easier for the video editor to cut according to the tempo of the music?

The other thing I was wondering was about managing a big project.
I can imagine finishing off orchestral music for short films in one project session with a bit of tempo automation (like most videos on youtube about background scoring show it).

But what about a 1 hour film/episode where the score spans across various tempos, time signatures, swing, styles/genres - from a hip hop beat at 60 BPM with a little swing to an uptempo jazz track at 180 with a lot of swing to an ambient track all in one episode? (The recently watched Narcos series come to mind).
Are these really created in a single project session or in different sessions for each track? It will be nice to have just one master project file to compose all background music, but not sure if that will help or leave me with a huge complicated session to work with, especially when styles like jazz, spanish guitar, flamenco are not very easy to sequence on a software and I see those styles happening in this film.

Would love to get some advice from you people.

Thank you!


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