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How to start editing remotely

Hello guys and gals,
Have a question. I really am thinking of trying to get into the whole editing video remotely. I landed my first international client two months ago for creating intros for video. Was super enjoyable and had a great experience. That got me thinking that maybe I should try to get into editing as it has always being fun for me. Obvislouy I am not near any big city were the action is happening but I have seen a lot of people doing it remotely now. So was wondering how to get into it with no actuall credit behind my name. Have only edited for my self and for clients in and around my town. Do I maybe advertise that I will edit a short or music vid for free. Or do I register on fiver?

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Start reaching out to people on Vimeo and IG. Offer free service if you have to, in the beginning, to get some experience under your belt. Eventually, when you have some experience reach out to people on Linkedin as well. Hope this helps. I have been running a virtual studio for close to a decade. There is no going back. Best lifestyle in the world. I am happy for you. Good luck!

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Waqas Qazi
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