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How to Write Comedy sketches?

I'm going to start a youtube channel in which i'm mostly going to upload comedy sketches, i would love to receive tips or videos on how to write it. My videos are going to be like the ones, that collegehumor uploads.


Formula and recipee book is a destructive way of thinking. I have done a few online videos in the past few years. If you want to look at a career in comedy look for the truth, characters in daft scenarios reacting in truthful ways. Drama is a lot of the time heightened heroic actions and responses, comedy contrary to belief is the opposite it's about a guy trying to achieve a goal however their flaws seriously diminish their chances of obtaining that goal, think in the film Big a kid in a mans body wants his childhood back but he's a in a mans body and nobody believes he's a kid and throughout the film as ridiculous as the premise is the character reacts in ways that feel truthful the struggle and the characters flaws relate to the audience, it engages them. The premise in Big is excellent countless predicaments spring to mind in a premise like that. Audiences engage in great comedy characters, great comedy within a character comes from what's known as a comic gap, a character has an ambitious goal but is really bad at chasing that goal or wants a simple goal but goes to extraordinary lengths in getting that goal. Another good technique is to give a character a blind spot think David Brent in The Office thinks he's popular, cool, funny in reality he's not he's the opposite. Dwight in the American office thinks he's the purest, most intelligent of humans ready to cope with anything Mother Nature has in store for him in reality he sells paper in a paper merchants. It's simple concepts to think of and develop there is no recipe book though.

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Gino Lynch

Gino I just logged in to ask you this! can you share more or offer any other resource?


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