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I want to use the GH5 with Nikon lenses. Best adapter?

So I'm getting the GH5 but I have a lot of Nikon glass I don't really feel like not using and since MFT lenses tend to be pretty expensive I was thinking about getting an adapter for my Nikon lenses. Is it a downright stupid idea? Are there any good adapters for f-mount lenses? Thank you guys for your answers!


I've been shooting with eight Nikon AI-S prime lenses on my GH4 for the past 2 years, and they produce a gorgeous image with the right settings.

The best adapter for Nikon lenses is the $140 Metabones Nikon G adapter :

This adapter gives you seamless aperture control, so you can smoothly transition from one aperture to another. It's also very solid, so using it with heavier lenses is not a big deal. ( with really big lenses the lens should have a tripod-mount to support itself and the camera ) Also, this adapter will work with almost any F mount or G mount Nikon lens, including the brand new ones.

You can also buy the more expensive Metabones Speedbooster adapters that reduce the image crop quite a bit and give you one extra F-stop in lens speed. ( so a f/2.0 lens becomes a f/1.4 lens, or a f/1.4 lens becomes a f/1.0 lens ) :

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Thanks! This is extremely helpful to me since it was a bit difficult to wrap my head around adapters and stuff like that. (The GH5 is the first non-Nikon I'm getting)

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May 14, 2017 at 1:45PM

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