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If buying a 4k camera like GH4, what do I need to pimp my workstation and camera?

Am wondering what I need to buy besides the camera body and lens?
My concern is that with several new cameras in the low $3k,
I will blow my budget on the camera body.
I have NO EXPERIENCE with any kind of 4k, so I don't know if my monitor will display at lower resolution?
I use sony vegas pro 13
as my NLE

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I've been working with Sony Vegas Pro for more than 15 years now, back when it was owned by Sonic Foundry.

I edit my GH4 4K footage with Sony Vegas 11 ( my current favorite version of Vegas ), but I own Sony Vegas Pro 13 which had a new update last June. Other than rendering speed when working with 4K footage, I have no problem editing using 1080 HD monitors. I switch to 1:1 pixel mode when I need to check fine 4K details, but otherwise 1080 HD monitors work fine when editing 4K footage.

Also, most of the 4K footage I shoot gets delivered as a 1080 HD finished video, so sometimes I'll start by doing a direct conversion from color corrected 4K video down to 1080 HD video. ( and sometimes go back to the 4K footage if I need to re-crop a scene )

September 24, 2015 at 1:24PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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