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Interior location lighting for wide angle cinematography

Hey all,
I'm directing a short romcom film in my apartment in Brooklyn next month. This is the first film I'm shooting where I want to focus more on the performances and less on getting coverage from twenty different angles. With that said, I'd like the dialogue-heavy first half of my film to be shot using long takes with a slightly wide lens (20-30mm) in order to pan back and forth between the two romantic leads (think Cassavettes). Does anyone have suggestions from past experiences lighting a whole room in a natural way, and how were you able to achieve this without letting lights in frame or giving away any suggestion of non-motivated light sources?
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When I have a small space and not much room for lighting I sometimes like to just take a 1k or 2 500s and point them at the ceiling, this gives everything a soft lighting with few shadows. I like to put a couple practicals in the shot and try to aim the lights near a practical to make it seem like it is generating more light than it actually is, plus practical lights can make shots look really nice.

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Daniel Williford
DP, Editor, Screenwriter, Director

Yes for sure! Luckily I do have plenty of nice practical lamps to use in frame. I'm also thinking of rigging a couple china balls near the ceiling for some nice top light as well. Just worried about getting the light stands in frame if I do bounce a couple 500s.

Thank you!

Alessandro Santoro

September 29, 2015 at 2:21PM

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