January 8, 2017 at 10:03AM

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Intermittent export issues where export will stop or result in blipy lines

I am having an issue where my videos either will not export, or will not export correctly. Part of my problem is I can not reliably re create the problem. Sometimes it exports exactly the way it should with no issues.

Here is a link to the post I did on the adobe forum which has some pictures https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2260296

System info:
Trash Can Mac Pro
6 core cpu
32 gb RAM
D700 GPU's
Footage on WD external Hard Drive

When exporting a video in media encoder one of three things will happen. Listed in order of how often they happen
1. The time elapsed and time remaining clocks in media encoder will both stop and from the CPU usage I can see that nothing is rendering. If I pause the render and start it again the preview does not re-apear and nothing happens. If I hit the stop button and confirm that I want to stop the render, I get the beach ball of death and the application stops responding. After force quitting and telling the computer to restart it will not fully restart. It will close everything and my monitors go black, but it never starts back up. It isn't fully shut down though as the power button is still lit up and I've gotten the same result trying to just shut down instead of doing a restart. I then have to manually restart by holding the power button. Afterwards and premiere file that was open has been corrupted.

2. The video seems to export normally but upon watching it there are lines that bleep through the frame randomly. (these are not the same lines you would see from an issue with interlacing)

3. It exports completely normally totally fine.

I've had this issue these same results with multiple different projects, export settings, and with GPU acceleration set to software only (which can take a week) open cl and metal

Please help me!! I've got clients I need to deliver projects to and I'm getting way behind because of this.

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