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I've written my first screenplay, I've had it read by people in the industry who agree that I have something special - now what?

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I hope you are all staying safe in this crazy time we are facing together, please remember to look after yourselves and your loved ones.
I am not usually a creative type but I decided recently to adapt a number of stories from my youth into a screenplay. Now I am faced with an issue, my insiders are based in LA and I am British and my story is based in a famous British town (not London!) so my insiders cannot help me any further as they do not have any connections in the UK industry. They feel I have a very unique and interesting story idea that stands out from the usual screenplays that they read. My issue is I have no idea what to do next! Any advice would be very gratefully received.

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Interesting challenge you have here. Naturally, you should ask yourself if your story can be situated closer to where your resources are.
If that is not possible, then you may consider creative workarounds like shooting town exteriors in England and making the rest in the US
Or make a short version of your script and see if that attracts new partners.
Good luck!

April 5, 2020 at 2:15AM

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Taiwo Egunjobi

You've to be so involved and adept at your script that you can change the flavour and situation and still keep it interesting and to the core of the idea.. hope it helps if u give it a shot..

April 10, 2020 at 12:35PM

Script writer

good luck

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