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Lens for a Canon

Hey I have a Canon 1300d , and a 18-55mm kit lens , and I want to make a short film , first short I'll have to make on kit one, and then little later I am thinking to buy a 55-250mm zoom lens , but somebody told me primes are good at producing nicer image , so should I buy a zoom lens or a prime at same price range :?


You should make your short film first, then study closely whether your lens is your limiting factor, or whether your camera, lighting, sound, editing, grading, script, acting, wardrobe, etc. is most in need of an upgrade. If lens quality really is your weak link, then by all means make the investment. By you cannot really make the decision by just thinking about it. You have to produce work, critically evaluate it, and then make decisions based on actual experience.

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That was Michael Tiemann says...

And also - completely independent from every other aspect - it depents on your shooting style. Do you shoot at longer ort short focal lengths? The kit lens doesn't offer a proper tele look.
Primes have a better image quality because they are one focal length at all times and the image quality is focused on that on length. It's a good way using a prime (like a 35, 50 or 85mm) to know how different focal lengths work and also to use your feet as a zoom instead of focal lenghts as a zoom because focal lenghts are not ment to be used as zoom (at least in film) but to deliver different looks of your subect in front of the camera.

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