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Light dance scene

I want to record hip-hop dance scene and I'm thinking about light equipment and it's location. Backlight, keylight and fill light, which power of lamp to which location? (dance, how it look like)
and place:

I want use Canon 6d with lenses 28/50/85 and dolly.

What should I use? HMI or tungsten?
What type? Fresnel or redhead or other?
I need power generator so maybe tungsten will be easier in use? (Smaller generator = easier and cheaper)
How much lamps should I use? Two or three?
How much power of each lamp should I use? 2k? I assume that each lamp will be minimum 3-5 meters from first person in dancing group.
Only sharp fresnel or should I use chimera?
I know that all things depends to my concept for the movie but I want just nice and correct answer.
If you have more tips "how film dance scene" - feel free to write it.
Thanks a lot!

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I'm guessing you're on a 0$ budget? I think there are two options...
Forget the Lights, generator, location and find somewhere you can shoot at either sunset or sunrise. It'll be naturally beautiful and save a fortune.
Option two is spend the budget on a camera that shoots raw and shoot under the natural sodium lights and correct in grading. In any case you'll have to deal with them at some point if you're planning to shoot when they're turned on. And even though the colour is a bit horrible they go well with the theme of Hip-Hop and street dancing. Maybe try and shoot with an anamorphic lens/adaptor to get some of those sexy horizontal flares.

May 31, 2015 at 12:32AM

James Coote
Director of Photography

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