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Litepanels Caliber 3 Light Kit good for narrative filming?

I am looking for a low budget, portable light kit.
The Litepanels Caliber Kit has caught my eye it is just within my budget and very portable.

However since most of my work is narrative/dramatic based, like short films or actor showreel material. I wondered if these would be powerful enough?

They seem to be marketed more for interview/vlogging purposes, where you can get the lights in pretty tight to the talent.

I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on this?

Thank You


This kit looks very affordable, but each light is equivalent to only 150 watts of tungsten which is not very bright.

At this price point I would look at buying a set of Aputure HR672S LED lights, which are a lot brighter and would be easier to soften without losing much of the light output.

Erik Nasso : Aputure HR672S LED Video Lights First Look

August 24, 2015 at 7:53AM, Edited August 24, 7:53AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Id go with something like there are more kits with different lights depending what kind of setup you are looking for but this is a fairly cheap setup to get things going that can be supplemented as you find your needs increase. Not as portable though but if you are doing showreels and narratives there should somewhere to plug in within the reach on an extension cord.

Another thing worth considering is non tungsten lights can often give a non-continous spectral output that can effect the appearance of color. Take note of how the bottom images light isn't continuous, granted that is fluorescent bulb but I believe the principle still applies.

I think the best thing about this kind of setup is they are durable compared to the led lights which are made of plastic.

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Daniel Williford
DP, Editor, Screenwriter, Director

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