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Looking to build my agency's production capabilities [Camera Reco's]

Hello No Film School! I'm an burgeoning director, art director and editor that is looking to greatly increase my agency's production capabilities.

One of the main things I'm looking to do is upgrade our camera situation to a professional level to ultimately shoot TV on a small budget. Or if when a DP is needed they have the ability to use our camera as a main or backup. Down the road, I can see this developing into a robust production arm of the agency.

I would love any advice on putting together options to show the powers that be. I am looking for a high-end option (RED, Arri) mid level and entry level.

For a mid level I have been looking at the Canon c200/300 and Sony A9s (I've also been eyeballing the a7 recently released). The idea would be to rent cinema primes that can work on different models, or invest in several go-to options that would go across the board.

I'm currently working with a cCanon 5d Mark III which essentially would function as a entry level, but i'd like to upgrade everything to 4k.

Any recommendations and tips are greatly appreciated based on your personal experiences.


If you go red or arri, know that for it to be a good business decision you have to pay the red off in 2 years and the arri off in 4. So you have to have at least 30-40 working days a year where the client is renting your camera for 700-1000 per day. If you have the days financially it makes sense, if you don't it makes more sense to rent until you do. You should never lose money on a camera especially if you're a boutique shop.

Also 4k doesnt really matter, If you have the days an alexa classic thats 2k would pay it self off the fastest.

March 7, 2018 at 5:49PM

Indie Guy

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. This is great to know going to the powers that be.

Nate Brown

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