September 23, 2019 at 7:45AM


Looking to partner with a videographer who wants to create more travel video

We are looking to partner with a video journalist/film maker who wants to travel more to create travel and tourism content.
We are video producers and have have an all-star presenter who receives many press trip offers. We can often can bring a videographer along to help film the experience.
The hook here is that you must also have your own outlet to distribute content to, as well (a blog or social media that does well, or traditional publication).
There may be occasions where you will be paid, but the foundation for this partnership is a media exchange - you get the opportunity to join our fully hosted trips and experiences in exchange for you to film and edit a story for me and your own outlet.
We are specifically looking for video creators who would like more opportunities to travel the world as a travel video creator, but are not getting those offers on their own. We get the offers! So, let's collaborate together!
*please don't message us regarding the "need to pay". This request is very specific to those who want more opportunities to create more travel video content.

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