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Low cost waterproof/underwater lighting solution?

I'm actually more planning on using this for photography, but I feel like this is a reasonable place to ask.

I'm going to be shooting some photos of my friends as part of a shoot idea we had, and we need to get a hold of some low-cost continuous lighting that can be set up in a pool. Doesn't need to be suitable extreme depths; the pool is probably 7ft at its deepest, and won't be thrown around. We're shooting at night for a specific effect, and the pool lighting already installed won't work with the look we're going for.

Has anyone got some Amazon UK/other UK based recommendations or solutions to try out?

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Anyone got any recommendations for this? My current 'solution' is leaky zip-loc bags and a prayer to a deity that may not be out there.

August 3, 2015 at 2:03PM

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