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Lumix GH3

Hi everyone,

So I am new but old in filming. I filmed with a Panasonic Full-HD AVCCAM Handheld Camera | AG-AC30. (It's the university camera) I just got a Lumix GH3 camera a couple of months ago. I am still learning some things about the camera. It is a total change for me.
So this is my question:

What is the best setting for indoors and outdoors?

I want to do everything manually. By the way, I have a Panasonic - Lumix G Vario 45-150mm f/4.0-5.6 ASPH. Mega O.I.S. Zoom Lens

Thanks :)

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When I owned my GH3 camera I shot everything with the NATURAL profile, using either the 24 or 30 fps frame rate. I made sure to use the MP4 format that recorded at 50 Mbps, and ALWAYS used the LPCM audio format which is uncompressed and records the best quality sound.

Also when using the NATURAL camera profile, I would set the SHARPNESS and NOISE-REDUCTION to their LOWEST setting in order to get a better looking image in my shots.

For very high contrast subjects I would use the CINE-D profile to retain as much dynamic range as possible. Today there are things like Paul Leeming's LEEMING LUT ONE, which will help obtain good color and contrast when shooting with the CINE-D profile. ( check out I think the G7 LUT can be used with GH3 footage )

Lastly, to get good audio you need to set your camera's audio level to it's LOWEST setting and then feed a strong audio signal ( I think it was around -20 dB ) to your camera. This usually meant having to use a microphone pre-amp like the JuicedLink camera pre-amp.


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