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m43 lenses on full frame sensors

Hi all,

I'm planing on switching system from m43/GH4 to full frame/A7s ii. If i do make the switch, a lens I'm really going to miss is the Panasonic 100-300. Whatever you say about image quality, for me it's a real dream to be able to have that kind of range with me at all times (I shoot nature films and documentaries). The equiv. Sigma 150-600 is 4x the weight and 3x the cost).

To cut to the chase: the A7s ii has a APS-C mode, which (I assume) crops into a 4K recording to give you a 1080 output of the smaller image.
My question(s) are:
(a) Would it be possible to mount an m43 lens on a full frame/sony a7S ii & if not, why not?
(b) Assuming it's possible to mount: what resolution would I need to use to be able to crop in to capture the smaller m43 image without vignetting (in post).
(c) Can anyone see this kind of technology being included in future models? I suppose it already has been with the ASP-C crop, but with for example a 6-8k sensor presumably you'd be able to crop in and get a 1080p readout of an m43 image on a full frame sensor (don't know the exact maths of this).

Excuse any errors in terminology.

(fyi I am switching primarily because of low light, but trying to stay away from the m43/ff debate here)


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A Micro 4/3 mount to Sony E mount lens adapter is not possible, as there is only 1.25mm difference in the lens mount flange distance.

- The Sony E camera mount to sensor distance = 18.00mm
- The Micro 4/3 camera mount to sensor distance = 19.25mm

If you want to keep a few of your Micro 4/3 lenses then you might consider keeping one Micro 4/3 camera body around just for this. ( I really like the new Panasonic GX85 and G85 camera bodies that have 5-axis stabilization, and I expect the GH5 will have this type of stabilization too when it's released next Spring / Summer 2017 )

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