November 6, 2018 at 2:04PM


Making my first documentary film

First of all, I want to say that your podcast is fantastic. It has inspired me as an independent filmmaker to continue pursuing what I love — telling stories through video.

So a huge opportunity has come to me as a man here in my community (Southern Oregon) has asked me to film a documentary of his life about coming to the US from El Salvador as a young boy. The client has the means to fund the trip to El Salvador, purchase equipment and compensate me for the production of this film. I am super stoked! His outcome for this film is open, but he’s thinking film festivals and showing the film around the country at social justice events.

We have reached an agreement of how much I will be paid to produce the film but I have some questions before we sign the contract.

1. How much should I ask to be paid up front? 50% up front and the remaining at project completion?
2. How should we divide the percent of the profit royalties for the film as it has potential to make money in the future?
3. Anything else I should include in the contract to protect me?

Thanks for your time. You guys are the best!

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