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Making a short film?

Hello guys,
I am working on pre-production of my short film. Trying to be as precise and as neat as I can because someone has said, the script has to be strong if you want your film be profound.
I have three characters in this film, the dad, the daughter and the lady.
Before this, I have shot a couple of music videos and 30 seconds of short film but this will be around 5-6 minute film. I am worried about production part, I will be directing and shooting it too.
I am confident about my script and I know if the film comes out the same way as I am thinking this will be a beautiful film.
If you guys can give me some tips and suggestions on how should I proceed and what should I do to justify the script as it is.
Also, I will be crowd funding this film so I really really don't want to screw this film.

Thank you in advance.

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Without seeing the script or being involved in the shoot, all I can say is: surround yourself with the best crew you can, have at least one pre-production meeting (and rehearsal with cast) to get everybody on the same page, keep a camera report during the shoot, never say "good enough". I am assuming you're not actually shooting film, so there's no reason to put up with mediocrity for the sake of saving money or time. If you ARE shooting film, remember it's an expensive medium so there's no reason to put up with mediocrity. That is best handled by doing dry-runs before actually shooting.

February 7, 2017 at 4:01AM


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