February 24, 2016 at 7:50AM


micro-budget short film - where to get liability insurance and how much to pay

Hi gang!

I'm producing a short for my friend Brandon - I posted a month ago about finding a bar that would let us bring chickens inside. It looks like we found a bar! But we need to get liability insurance to protect our location. I wanna know where to get it and how much to expect to spend.

Brandon's financing the film with $3,500 of his own money. He's working with the DP on renting gear and getting insurance for that gear. I'm taxed with finding liability insurance to protect our location. I got a quote from RVNA (RV Nuccio & Associates) for $453.26. It breaks down like this:

Commercial/General Liability (limit 1,000,000/2,000,000): $73.55
RVNA Unlimited Certificate of Insurance Charge: $100
Property (Third Party Property Damage limit 1,000,000): $37.56
RVNA Inc. Loss Payee Charge: $100
RVNA Inc. Corporate Charge: $42.15
NAMPP Inc. Program Access Charge: $100

We kinda feel like, maybe we shouldn't have to pay this much for liability insurance for our one day shoot at a bar with chickens inside. Also - when I spoke with RVNA on the phone about this, they told me the liability insurance would NOT cover anything related to the chickens.

Anybody have any advice on what kind of insurance we need to protect ourselves and the bar from chicken related incidents? And/or ideas of what chicken related incidents we need to worry about? Anybody got a ballpark of how much we should expect this to cost?

Many Thanks! No Film School! !

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