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Mirrorless camera

Im a 15 year old film maker looking for a camera. I do have a pentax q7, but I am wanting to return it so i can get a new camera. The pentax is just fine until it recently started to shut down in the middle of shoots. I also don't really like the insane 4.7 crop factor. Because of this, it's pretty hard to use other lenses with larger focal lengths without being a mile away from your subject.

All I'm looking for is a camera under $350 and is good to shoot video with and with a large sensor size so crop factor can become less of a problem. Whats a good universal lens mount? is the 4/3 universal? What's the difference between 4/3 and micro 4/3. Nice additions, but not necessary are an adjustable screen, hotshoe, and audio input.


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It's not a mirrorless camera but given your budget, I would try and find a used Nikon D5200 camera which shoots good video and it's fairly easy to find new or used lenses with the Nikon mount. The Nikon D5200 and the Nikon D5300 shoot video that is almost identical. ( the D5300 also offers 60 fps filming, and shoots sharper still photos than the D5200 camera )

D5300 Samples by Bruno Chansou

Vimeo Samples from the Nikon D5200 Group

Vimeo Samples from the Nikon D5300 Group

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