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My first short film... What could I have done better

This is my first short film. It has no story line really. I just shot it to practice shot composition, editing, focusing and audio. Its my first time of shooting following a script. I shot, edited and worked on the audio all myself and its my first time. I also did a little ADR which is also my first time as well. Kindly help me check the picture, the editing, the frame composition and the audio.... Are there some things I did not do well or could improve on. I couldnt do any color correction. I shot in the neutral style using Canon 60D. I had planned doing color correction in post, shooting with cinestyle but focusing using cinestyle was very challenging so i decided to stick with the neutral picture style.(Do you like the color or would you have prefered a color corrected version). Shot on Canon 60D, Lens Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 18-55mm F3.5-5.6. Used just one light(red head) and in some parts, like the room where the girl was making a phone call, I used only natural light and reflector, no artificial light. Kindly check and state your observations. Did the work with some college mates who helped me in booming my mic and recording the audio directly to Adobe Audition with my mic connected to my Laptop



The montaje are very great!!!!

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Rag├╝el Cremades
Film producer and director

The most distracting thing I would have to point out is the audio editing, some parts were definitely out of sync with the shots, but worse were times when audio would just cut out or in before an attack. So we all know background noise is bad right, but when we hear it we naturally start to ignore it, thats called masking, and it's something our brains do all the time. So background noise is tolerable, but it is unnatural when the background noise cuts out then back in again, that's why you should always record room tone to fill in those gaps. Also cutting before the actor is finished speaking or after the attack of the syllable is jarring too, so just extend the audio track out to before the word begins, regardless of where the video cuts.
Video quality and colors weren't bad, the 60D makes a good image, but some shots would have been better on a tripod or slider instead of handheld. From a director's perspective I felt there was a lot of over-coverage, in other words, too many quick shots of the same action over a short amount of time. It could get overwhelming, for example the first scene would probably be fine with just two camera angles.
Great job, if there's anything to take away from this it's that audio is half the video. So many people get all excited over fancy cameras and lenses and gear when often the audio is the weakest part of their productions. It is, after all, half the video.

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I can't judge this, I am noone to judge. But I promise next one will be better. Next one is always better, so keep it up.

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Tommy Plesky
Director / D.P / Editor

I was training coordinator for the largest private shipyard on the west coast. When you teach welding, the basic way is to teach someone how to read welding defects and then the student experiments to develop technique that eliminates the defects. The key being to read the weld or read to know what is a good weld and what are the defect.

This applies to filmmaking. Your bad video is a text book to good video (I am not saying your video is bad, I am saying to learn to read your video for good and bad).
Learn to read your your video and value it.
So, you made the best video you could with your skill, knowledge and experience. Now you have more skill, knowledge and experience to make another video.
Taking chances, on one hand learn all you can about lighting and composition and camera setup and then break every rule and see what happens?
Making short videos regularly and editing them all the time, this is what I strive to do. I love going on here and giving my opinion, but I really should be shooting and so should you.

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