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Name of this kind of shot/POV?

Hi there!
I have a quick question about this video:

I would like to use this type of shot in my next production, was wondering if there is an official term for this shot?
Also, what kind of rigging would be best/easiest to use?
Other then a rigging system, Is there a DIY option as well?
Sorry, that's 3 questions ;)

Thank you!

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Overhead shots mixed in with overhead POV shots.

The static shots are relatively easy to rig with an overhead jib.

The overhead moving shots will probably require some unique rigging to get the camera positoned properly while your subject moves around.

I have seen some DIY rigging where they mounted a GoPro camera to the top front of a motor-cycle type helmet that the main subject wore while they moved about. Perhaps you could use a mirrorless camera to get higher quality footage. ( the helmet was never in the shot, it was only used for camera support )

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