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Necessary gear for outfitting A7SII for run and gun documentary?

Hi All,

I'm working to set up a (mostly solo) run and gun documentary setup with my A7SII that's currently mostly used for stills and wanted to reach out to see what things I should add to get it to a place that I can begin filming sizzle reels on my own. Below are two lists specifically related to audio and video though I am open to other accessories that may slip through the cracks. One is of the things i do have and the other is a list of the things I think I'd need to invest in. In a perfect world I'd own an FS5 but I'm not at that place yet unfortunately.

I currently have:
Camera: Sony A7SII
Lenses: Batis 25mm/f2; Zeiss 35mm/f2.8; Sony 24-70/f4; Sony 70-200/f4; Canon 24-70/f2.8+Metabones

Audio: Zoom H6 Recorder; Sennheiser EWP112P G3-A wireless lav; Oscar Soundtech lav mic

Here is what I feel like I should get to have a more complete solo run and gun setup:
Sony XLR-K2m XLR Adapter: $600
Canon 24-105/f4 mii: $1100 (is the mark ii that much better?)
Tiffen Variable ND filter: $150
Cinema Cage: open to suggestions on brands
Monopod: open to suggestions on brands/models
External Monitor: not sure if I need this or not but open to suggestions


I am not sure if your list is what you expect your kit to be/ or what you are hoping to get.

You put down a monitor on your list, but I don't see mention of a top handle/ shoulder mount/sticks/ stabilizer. It doesn't seem like an external monitor will be a help to you in that way.

For solo operation the native e-mount glass works much better with the autofocus. Any of the prime lenses and anything without effective AF is going to slow you down. I haven't been satisfied with the metabones adapter and an EF lens when compared to a native e-mount lens.

I have the Tilta cage with no handle and it works well and adds nice heft for hand holding the camera.

If you go with the Sony XLR-K2m XLR adapter be careful. The cage you get needs to be compatible. You can go with the K1 adapter and a cage, but it requires using a cage,unlike the k2 that mounts to the hotshoe.

For the H6 you can get a belt clip with a 1/4 -20 screw and it makes things work MUCH better than trying to bag it while operating , for me anyway.

Add headphones to your kit.

For on camera audio the little rode shotgun mics are nice and I recommend a scratch track. With the Zoom you can always add a regular shotgun to the rig without much fuss.

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Scratch the 24-105 Canon off the list. You already have that coverage, and it's a wonky lens to try to use as a Cine lens. Instead, look at the Fujinon MK18-55mm T2.9 Lens (Sony E-Mount) and/or the Fujinon 50-135. These lenses are very likely within your budget, and they are real Cine zooms.

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Maybe I'm to guerilla when it comes to run and gun docs, but here are my thoughts.

I dropped my sticks for a monopod. Faster and easier to maneuver. I also use this for interview setups and get a steady but slightly moving shot. style.

Lens: I'm still caught between canon transition and Sony. My go to 90% of the time is the canon 70-200mm 2.8 even if I have to back up to get the shot. I'm use to using manual focus. I also have a nifty 50 1.4 I work in lowlight alot and have to rely on practical lighting situations. My thing is using good glass. I've shot canon l series for almost a decade but look forward to using Sony glass in the future because of form and ease.

Mic setup. I run a senheisser lav straight thru to camera. With a pair of headphones I can monitor sound. This is my setup for interviews. For natural sound I'll use a rode mic or just the camera mic on my a7s.

As for the camera rig. I keep it simple, and stock and Try to keep my imprint in public as consumer guy on vacation as possible.

If your looking for an extra value look for you run and gun you might want to add a handheld gimbal to the mix. I've used it in tandem with the monopod to get epic crane looking shots.

nd filters are a must. Looks like you have that covered.

October 26, 2017 at 9:39AM

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