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Need a monitor upgrade. 350€ False color 5.6" or 7"

Hey guys,

I am currently struggling to find a new monitor. No way to test where I live so I hit a wall which one to take.
I want 5.6" or 7", pretty bright. Peaking and False color is what I demand from it.

I looked into the following:
Lilliput 663 O/P: Finding it new for 320€
Lillipit 664 O/P: Finding it used for 220€, but no tests or comparisons whatsoever to judge quality

Aputure VS 3: Just new 390€

and something else: Small HD DP6 390€ used. Would that be worth it? I know Small HD to be a good brand, so I guess it would excell build quality wise over the Lillputs.

Sadly MustHD and Ikan monitors are hard to come by here in Germany, used and new.
Please share some recommendations!

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I bought my MustHD M701 monitor and my cheapie FeelWorld FW759 monitor from eBay, where both monitors were shipped from China and arrived in Canada roughly one week later.

My $850 US Marshall monitor came from B&H Photo in New York city.

I would definitely consider buying your monitor using eBay. Just make sure you buy from a supplier with a good reputation ( i.e. almost 100 percent happy customers ) and ALWAYS pay using PayPal so that you are protected against fraud.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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