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New Here, Looking for Advice on Equipment

Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking to get insight from you guys/girls. I'm a young writer, but I want to get involved with the filming process. I have a few friends who are getting into acting, so we have ideas for short films in the future. But I would like to know what are some necessities with a budget of around $5000-$7000.
Here are some of the items I am currently looking at:

-Camera: Sony A7s1 or II? GH4? Old or new Cannon? Nikon?
-Lenses: I would like to practice manual, so Nikkor lenses? I've heard they're great for stills, not sure for video, but it doesn't hurt that they're relatively cheap. Has anyone shot video with Voigtlander? I would say Zeiss, but they may be out of our budget.
-Audio: Sennheiser Me64, Me66? Rode? Zoom H6?
-Lighting: Cheap DIY home depot lighting?
-Software: Whats the industry standard? Premiere or FCPX? Software for Color grading?
-Miscellaneous: anything else like rigs, tripods, monitors and anything else I'm forgetting.
*I own a Mac Pro 6-core and monitor*

I have no issues with drastically reducing my budget since I'm an amateur. I understand a lot of it will come down to what I can do with a camera, the scene setup, and post-production, but I still would like something that's known with good quality; I'm looking at this as a great investment. Any other advice is much appreciated, like how many hours spent practicing until you felt like you were fully capable of making a scene look like you intended it too, and so on.

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, here's just one opinion... You might hear many others.

Hire a camera person who's got their own kit and knows how to use it. Hire a sound person who's got their own kit. Hire an editor with software. Watch what they do, and consider it an on-the-job film course.

Don't forget to budget for locations, costumes, props, and also behind-the-scenes stuff like food for crew, accommodation, transport.

Anything you save you can put towards the next production.

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