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Next Camera upgrade...

I've been using the Canon T3i for almost 3 years now, and I feel like I want to upgrade to something higher. I've been saving up and I'd be willing to shell out about 2000$ for a camera. The thing is, there are so many cameras out there, I'm not entirely sure which one to go for. 4k is a must, and if its possible, a high ISO capability.

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Watch some reviews on the Panasonic GH4, Sony a6300 and the Panasonic G7. Watch a lot of videos on how people took the most of them and find a sweet spot for what you're trying to achieve depending on the work you mostly do.
I have a 550D and looking forward to move on soon. These are the ones I'm keeping under the radar for now. By the time to upgrade I hope there are more options available. I'd like to stick with Canon but the way things are they are too expensive for what I'd be getting for IMO.
Also, a perk of getting a camera that suits your needs and having it be low priced you can get some glass for or upgrade the sound or lighting kit.

Hope I could help.

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Herman Delgado
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