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Next step for newbie Cinematographer

Started my journey to grow as a photo/cinematographer late last year. Per advice from a few DPs I spoke to, I purchased a Canon t3i, installed Magic Lantern, and started saving again so I can invest in solids lenses and lights (because what's a good camera without knowledge of using the right lens and lighting right?). I only had a budget of a few 100 bucks at the time.
Been learning a lot with the t3i and have been renting lenses from ShareGrid and Kitsplit when I have shoots. I then realized for many of the stuff I've been doing that even with ML installed and a fast lens, it still doesn't do too well in low light situations. Right now I'm doing photo shoots for friends (portraits, street photography, etc) and events. Eventually I want to shoot music videos and short films. My photos will most likely just go on Instagram/my website. But right now I'm not getting much out of this camera when I do events in darker locations. Should I sell the t3i and get a 5D, used A7s or G7 and continue renting lenses/lights until I have more $ saved to buy my own lenses/lights? Right now I have about 1k and some to spend. Any advice (financial or gear wise) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


The best thing I ever did was move from a Canon to an A7s.

The codec on the A7 is far more malleable. The h264 codec isn't great, its a good start. The XAVCS codec on the a7 is so much better and you can take it a lot further.

It's still a mirrorless camera but it's a leap away from the Canon and can offer the next stage of learning.

January 17, 2018 at 2:13AM


Would also recommend going to the A7s. Don't worry too much about lenses--I only really use one and it's a fairly inexpensive Nikon vintage lens. After that the camera, go for lights, IMO

January 18, 2018 at 3:00PM

Gareth Ng

Thanks for responding. Same as above; Would the Sony a6300 be a good option also?

A Wills

January 31, 2018 at 9:36PM

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