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Nikon G and BMPCC Speedbooster

Okay. I have never used Nikon lenses before aside from a few times when my dad asked for help with his camera and I tweaked the settings. I've always owned a Canon, Sony, or Olympus. Right now I own a Sony, some 35mm (including a couple Nikons), and a BMPCC.

Bought a Nikon G to MFT for BMPCC speedbooster.

I am very confused about all this DX vs FX vs CX mount stuff. Are they all the same, but simply designed for different sensors? Like the FX is full-frame, CX is APS-C, and DX is, I don't know, something else?

Which of these damn lenses will work with my speedbooster. NIKON WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO CONFUSING. SONY MAKES AN A MOUNT (or bought it from Konica-Minolta) AND AN E MOUNT. CANON HAS EF. FUJI HAS X MOUNT. WTF, NIKON.

Anyway, if anyone can give me a straight forward answer as to whether they are all compatible on the same mount, and if any particular kind of those is better than the others. Of course I know the BMPCC is a super 16 MFT sensor, so the field of view is significantly reduced, though the speedbooster will help with this.

Thanks, all!


All of these lenses should work with your Nikon G Speedbooster adapter, though you will have to be careful that none of the lenses protrude too far back. ( most Nikon lenses are fine, but I am sure that there are some specialty lenses that might not work )

With Nikon lenses that have an aperture ring, you normally mount the lens on the Speedbooster and set the lens to it's smallest aperture, which is usually f/16 or f/22. Then you use the Metabones calibrated ring to adjust the aperture from wide-open to it's smallest setting, and the best part about the Metabones adapter is that the aperture control is stepless so you can seamlessly adjust the aperture while you shoot if you need to.

I use the Metabones G adapter and Metabones Speedbooster G adapter with eight Nikon AI-S lenses on my Panasonic GH4 camera, and they produce a beautiful image in video.

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Guy McLoughlin
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The Nikkor 20mm AI-S protrudes to far to work this adapter, but most other Nikkor/Nikon lenses will adapt fine.

October 25, 2016 at 10:23AM

Marc B
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