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Nikon KeyMission 360 best 360 cam under $1000?

I pre-ordered the KeyMission360 for 4 reasons: I do believe this might be the best 360 4k video option for under $1,000 out there, that I'll test when it delivers next month, 2: you get $150 worth of accessories that are basically necessary for the product when preordering, 3: 100feet underwater with no housing, can't wait to test that and 4: 29MP still image!

Is there something even better out there? I will be using this for architectural virtual tours and photography


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Yes, this new Nikon 360 camera looks like the best deal going under $1,000.

All of the 360 VR video samples I've played with ( from a few different cameras including Nikon ) look pretty soft compared to good quality 1080p HD standard video, which I suspect has to do with high image compression, having manageable bit-rates and being able to use standard fast SDXC cards. ( no exotic memory cards required )

I'm sure this new 360 VR camera market is going to grow by leaps and bounds, so better cameras are going to keep coming over the next 5 years, but you will miss out if you wait forever. This new $500 US Nikon camera looks like a great 360 VR entry point.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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