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Noob Editing Software Question

I know almost nothing about video editing. Sorry if that doesn't scare you away I will try to be brief about my question.
Currently I record videos with a Canon 7D camera, videos I record are mostly family stuff which are no longer than 2 to 3 minutes.
The only editing tool I'm currently using to edit them right now is a free video converter called freemake(a pc software), I just use it to convert them from raw file to mp4, and then use the built-in free Windows Movie Maker comes with my Windows 8 for simple edits. By the time I finish converting the video with the free converter, and then editing it with the free editor, the video and audio quality is horrible. It's almost impossible to tell who's who. Can anyone please suggest me a good video editor tool? I come across this post but only to find all these tools are for Windows 10 only:

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Seriously...suggesting After Effects to someone who only wants to edit simple video and currently uses Windows Movie Maker? If you want to suggest anything from the Adobe pipeline, surely Premiere Pro comes to mind...but I believe thats way overkill as well.

It appears your MP4 converter is just crap. Why are you even converting to begin with? If I remember correctly the canons all shoot in MP4 already, and surely windows movie maker can read mp4s? If you need to convert, maybe give handbrake a try...but try to not convert it first. Maybe movie maker still needs some codecs or something?

You can aslo try to fiddle with the export settings in your exporter. Try 1080p resolution and a bitrate of about 8mbit or somewhere in that ballpark.

November 14, 2017 at 7:51AM

Jeroen Rommelaars
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