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One shot car crash

Need to do a car crash in one shot. Shot is of the driver, from the inside the car.
It's like the car crash scene from Whiplash.
You see a truck coming from the driver's side window, truck hits, the car itself rolls over. No cuts.

Damien Chazelle has said that it was done in three shots that were edited to look seamless. How would I make the cuts seamless?

Any solutions/tips/suggestions? Thanks!


Here is a clip from the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xVgOgRgnk

October 13, 2016 at 9:29AM

Joey Maceda
Director/Production Designer

I'm assuming you plan on green screening, because shooting this practically in any sense of the term, in one shot, is a terribly dangerous idea with an actor (and it'll cost a car). You can have the camera while sitting in the passenger seat, fake the car driving on green screen (you'll find tons of examples googling that) Once you want the hit to happen, have people outside of the car to shake it violently, and go a bit crazy with the camera. When the car is on its side, have the actor lean to the window, because gravity. You'll have to figure out a way to get the green screen shot, probably from stock footage. You can also use pieces of plastic to mimic a broken car window, and throw them with the 'hit'. that's how I would do it, if it were me.

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Craig Douglas
Editor/ Videographer

Here is a film where they did something similar, it's a one shot, point of view film but with hidden cut : https://vimeo.com/90068717
And here is the behind the scene where you see how they cut, they used aftereffect in wich they did mask and tracked the mask to cut from one shot to the other : vimeo.com/100157873

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