January 27, 2016 at 7:06PM, Edited January 27, 7:49PM


Optimal settings for Sony A7S to fit film-ish look

Hello dear community!

I am currently working on a little project which I'd like to film. Doing so I'd like to go for black and white and I would love to make it look less digital. I am trying to get something like the look of "Following" (Nolan), or "Dead man" (Jarmusch).
I will work with a friend of mine, who will be the DOP. Unfortunately, when it comes to the look, we might have slightly different ideas of the final product. To help him I want to present my optimal settings.
So the question is: Is there anybody out there, who filmed something similar to what I just described, using the Sony A7S? And are there any important things I have to know?
Thanks for reading; I hope you know the craft better than I do! :)

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