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To IS or not to IS? stabilize that is

Ok I just got a Beholder DS1 hand held stabilizer and I just realized that I am not sure if I should turn the IS function on my lens when using the gimbal. For run and gun I'm using a Canon 70D and I have several L type lenses with IS. But to maximize lightness I'm thinking about a prime 24 mm STM lens with no IS. I guess that's two questions. Will a lens based stabilizer and the gimbal stabilizer cause a feedback loop? Also is the cheap 24mm canon STM lens worth trying? I am picking up the DS 1 today so yes I will test my different options, I would like any input. Thanks D

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STM lenses are great for video, so I would definitely consider them provided the F-stop is fast enough for you.

As for using a stabilized lens with a gimbal, I would always test it both ways and see how your results compare. I've seen footage where the camera or lens IS helped to smooth the motion of the gimbal, but I'm sure it all depends on the gear you are using and how smooth you are as an operator walking around with the gimbal.

January 9, 2016 at 9:46AM

Guy McLoughlin
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