August 29, 2015 at 11:11PM

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is this PC suitable for editing? Core Duo/4GB Ram

Hey Guys,

I found this really cheap PC but I'm not sure if it can be used for editing:

Intel Core Duo E7500 2.93 Ghz
4GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce GT220

Currently I edit my footage on a Core i5/8GB PC with a powerful graphic card (don't remember the model) but it's not my own, so I'd rather get my own.

Using AE, I realize RAM is what is mostly used during rendering, so I was wondering what if I add extra RAM to this PC, would it be a good choice for editing/post? (3x4GB=12GB)

The graphic card seems old too, should I replace it or would it do the trick?

I edit my own footage. I shoot everything ranging from commercial to documentary. I'm a hobbysit so nothing serious came out of it so far, I usually edited my own footage 720p, but would like to edit it in 1080 now. ALSO, I'm hoping to do freelance editing jobs for other people, so I might need to be able to edit 4K too. (either by proxy or not)

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You can edit on it for sure. I edit on a really old amd a6 processor with no graphics card and 4 gigs of ram on my secondary station and yeah it's slow but it works. I edit 4k footage on it too, pre-rendering gets a little old, and the exporting time on my bad computer is really long but it's still helpful to have. Depends on how much money ya got really and how urgently you need it. 12 gigs should be fine can always upgrade video card if you need as well.

My recommendation though would be to keep using the one that isn't yours until black friday or cyber monday deals in november and buy a new system for cheap. Might be able to get a little more bang for your buck that way since it's only a couple months away.

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Daniel Williford
DP, Editor, Screenwriter, Director

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