January 24, 2017 at 5:56AM


Picking My First Proper Video Camera

So I am at a bit of a cross road. I have been rocking a DSLR for 5-6 years now for my personally owned camera. I have shot a lot of small projects/shorts for various people and small businesses. The barrier entry was cheap and they make for awesome cameras. My only issue with them is the work arounds. Audio, image softness, record times, and battery life to name a few.

Now that I am looking to shift towards a full-time freelancer slash camera operator I am also looking to upgrade my A cam. I know for big projects that I can always rent the high end gear required, but I want something that removes all the barriers on the low end. I have thought about getting a newer DSLR where a lot of the hangups are removed, but I think I want a proper video camera.

Here are my thoughts. I know NAB 2017 is just around the corner and information leaks are bound to be coming sooner. My hopes is that Canon will release a 4K camera to replace the C100 Mk II. With that being said I don't think I want to drop 3-4 grand on a new camera due to the possibility of new products. Would it be a bad idea to get a used Sony FS100 for now for around $1200, and then upgrade sooner after new announcements at NAB, or should I look to get something newer now?


You could probably get most of your investment back when you sell the FS100, so having something to work with now would give you the experience of shooting with a better camera. ( Also new cameras announced at NAB sometimes don't ship until 3 - 9 months afterwards )

January 24, 2017 at 6:18AM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

I agree. The FS100 is a fine camera for the money and UHD at this point is just a consumer marketing ploy. At least 98% of the current productions out there are 1080 or less. More important, resolution is determined more by your lens than the pixel matrix, which is why most Hollywood movies are 2K but use $30,000 lenses.
If you want longer record times, get more batteries and cards. That's just the nature of things. I always try to have three spare batteries with me on shoots, one can be on the charger and another is ready to go while one is in-use. I would definitely NOT get another DSLR. They made incremental improvements over your existing camera but they are still aren't optimal for video, plus the form factor will still be bad.

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Sony is dumping prices on the FS7 II and FS5 on monday.... just thought you'd like to know.

June 30, 2017 at 10:16AM

Torben Greve

The BMPCC+Metabones+Sigma 18-35mm combo still remains the cheapest entry into well, digital cinema.

April 1, 2018 at 6:26PM


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