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Please help

Alright i am very frusturated. i just finished editing a 5min short for my first film festival. this is the first time i have used my audio technica AT8035 shotgun mic in production. everything sounded fine in post, playback on my computer is exellent. i then put it on a dvd and all of a sudden the audio (from the mic only not any songs or sound effects) fluctuates between reletivly clear and what i can only descibe as very "muffled". like hearing it from the other side of a thin wall. why is it doing this? does anyone know?
deadline is march 1st, so i have to figure this one out within the week. i have made many other dvds before, and this has never been a problem, only thing thats new is a mic. its not a computer problem eaither, my computer is not slow at all. its brand new. ugh sorry im just stressed, let me know if you can help.


What program are you using to make the DVD?

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Alex Alva

The AT8035 features a quite directional polar pattern that gives a slender reputation perspective to offer crisp, clean audio duplicate that is perfect for lengthy-distance sound pickup. The microphone gives a frequency response of forty Hz to 20 kHz and capabilities an 80 Hz low frequency roll-off transfer to assist remove undesired rumble. The microphone is enclosed in a rugged housing and functions a fashionable 3-pin XLRM kind connector. The AT8035 ships with a stand clamp for 5/eight"-27 threaded stands, a 5/8"-27 to 3/eight"-sixteen threaded adapter, a windscreen, an AA battery, and a protecting carrying case.

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