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Post Production for Short Film

I'm a writer.
I have written a short film to seek funding for a feature.
I have 0 knowledge about post production.
The short film was shot over 4 days.
Shot with RED cameras (that's all I know)
There are 2 fight sequences.

This is my first project outside of film school. I relied heavily on former classmates. Sadly, people lost interest and project has come to a standstill.

In my possession I have 2 hard drives.
One with video and the other with sound.

I would like to pay $ for post production.
My goal is to submit the short in 2015 film festivals.

If anyone could give me some advice on how to hire post production for a 10min short film???
I would really appreciate any and all suggestions :)
Also, I'm in the LA area.


For your short film you will need:
1) editing
2) sound design
3) sound mix
4) color grading
Being in LA, means you have thousands of options.

Ideally you need someone exprerienced enough to edit your film, so you could start by asking references from the crew you collaborated or your ex film school professors to suggest a few editors. You need someone trustworthy who can devote some time. You could occassionally bring in the editing session the director (if it's not you) to provide some feedback.

However, don't hire anyone just by a reference, ask to watch something they have edited, ideally from the same or similar genre to your film, and see how it feels to you. When you have decided, you will hand them COPIES of your hard drives to load them on their computer and get started.

Depending on their experience and your needs, they may do the other necessary steps as well (sound design, mix and color grading) or suggest someone they know.

Of course, if you feel comfortable you can do all of the above even online: check the forums and websites such as nofilmschool and vimeo, find someone whose style you like, contact, discuss over skype, make an agreement and proceed by sending them your material (physically mail copies of your hard drives or upload on a cloud service). As they move on, they can send you rough cuts through password-protected private videos in vimeo and you can provide feedback.

October 14, 2014 at 5:33AM

Stelios Kouk

I have complete post production facilities in my studio in Chandigarh, India. I can do your complete post production in case you want me to. I have experience in handling short and feature length films in the region but there will be the issue of sending the files to me.

In case you are interested feel free to get back to me: Email: cheemastudios35@gmail.com

November 28, 2014 at 9:30AM

JS Cheema
Film Director

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