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Post Workflow Help?

I have a Zoom H5 and a BMPCC -- I've been shooting films and manually syncing in post. I used pluraleyes on my last shoot and it kind of worked, but not really.

I've been learning DaVinci Resolve 12.5, and it claims that you can sync audio in the program by matching waveforms, but it hasn't been working for me yet.

I'm wondering if there's a way to use metadata from my Zoom H5 to make these two machines play nicely with each other?

I'm skeptical about using the microphone-in jack on the BMPCC because I don't want to compromise my otherwise decent audio. Should I continue avoiding it, or should I record from my Zoom into the camera?

Thanks for your help.


>> "I used pluraleyes on my last shoot and it kind of worked, but not really. "

So what did and what did not work?

I use plural eyes and I never have a problem except in cases where the video files get written in 4GB parts. To solve this you have to merge them first before you use plural eyes because plural eyes sees them as separate clips and it may unwantedly adjust for audio drift in the same clip.

July 20, 2016 at 8:58PM

Cary Knoop

I'm running Plural Eyes v3.5. My last short film had files from two different Zoom H5 recorders because we boomed one of them with the shotgun attachment. Plural Eyes managed to match certain shots in certain situations, but mostly it would mis-match audio and video from different shots.

Similarly, for my most recent shoot I had two different audio recorders in action and auto-sync can't seem to figure it out.

July 20, 2016 at 9:36PM

Alex Phillips

@ Cary - might it more be a case of there actually being a one frame gap between separate 4GB video clips - theoretically there should be no gap but I have read (and experienced with my Canon cameras at times) that unless you join them properly (not just drop them on a timeline and transcode) that there can be a dropped frame gap. I have been using the cmd prompt method of joining files on my PC.
Having said that recently I did a 4 camera (2 Canons, BMCC and a GoPro) shoot of an opera and had no problems in PluralEyes....go figure!
@ Alex - the job before the opera shoot was a 3 camera (2 Canons and BMCC) shoot of a 2hr big band concert where the audio was lifted straight from the sound deck to a Zoom recorder and had all sorts of problems with PluralEyes...BMCC seemed to be the culprit with audio drifting by about 2 secs by the end of the concert footage...BMCC was continuously running except for intermission so 2 clips.
PluralEyes also had trouble with a number of the Canon clips possibly because I had renamed them for ease of editing and they then came in not in chronological order...I had ticked the box for allowing PluralEyes to reorder the clips but it still struggled...did you allow PluralEyes to reorder the clips?

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At least with Premiere Pro the 4GB clips merge perfectly. But because they are considered separate clips by plural-eyes it checks for drift adjustment. The solution is simple, merge the 4GB parts first, then run plural eyes and everything works out perfectly.

Cary Knoop

July 23, 2016 at 8:24AM

The syncing in resolve with waveforms, works best with 1 clips of video for each camera, synced to 1 audio source. Once you get into cameras and audio having multiple clips it will break down. For this you'll need plural eyes. Setting clips are not in order, will only take a little longer to sync it shouldn't effect anything.

As far as syncing split clips, I usually will not worry about it. I like it correcting for audio drift, makes everything sync better. And the few frames it misses it usually covered by another camera or broll anyway. I would rather not waste time fixing something that doesn't need to be fixed.

July 23, 2016 at 8:16AM


It depends, for a few clips you can obviously easily fix it in the timeline but for many short clips with many cameras it quickly becomes a nuisance. Merging split clips is now part of my standard workflow.

Cary Knoop

July 23, 2016 at 8:28AM

I film mostly weddings, usually over 300 clips that need to be synced. Having to merge them all would take weeks, now I see why most people take a year to deliver a video.


July 23, 2016 at 8:59AM

You might consider a pair of these :


Jam sync first unit to second unit, then record timecode off first unit into one channel on your H5 and and record timecode from second unit onto audio track in on BMPCC.

The audio on the BMPCC is very poor, (compared to the pre amps etc in your H5) so get some decent mics into your H5 for your sound track.
The time code on these little matchbox size units is pro standard, and will lock your picture and sound together 100% every shot. Just 'throw' your picture and sound takes into the Tentacle software in post and it will sort everything out in seconds !

Hope this helps,

July 25, 2016 at 6:15AM, Edited July 25, 6:15AM

Fred Dorsett

Fred! That's a really cool product. Thanks for the heads up.

Alex Phillips

July 25, 2016 at 11:20AM, Edited July 25, 11:20AM

The first thing is set up the time on the two device as precisely as possible, it really helps the software for sync, then a good thing is to use a double jack adaptor so you can plug both headphones and the BMPCC to the zoom, then you have the audio recorded on both the zoom and the bmpcc, the zoom track being only the backup. And if you have to sync for one reason or an other it is really easy as it is exactly the same signal on both device. I don't know how well davinci works for auto sync but I use fcpX and it's a breeze, so easy I don't even think about it.

July 26, 2016 at 11:23AM


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