February 28, 2016 at 7:02PM, Edited February 28, 7:04PM


Pre-amp for Blackmagic Pocket?

What kind of results do you think I would get from a SD 302 or PreD plugged into a Blackmagic Pocket (through an A box)? Would I be significantly better off using a recorder like the H4N? Or even using a Juicedlink to record into camera because its made for it?

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I own the blackmagic pocket. I personally wouldn't use it even with a preamp for audio. It can pass for usable, but won't' be better than the H4N in my opinion. This was shot with in camera audio... https://vimeo.com/75085713 with at JuicedLink BMC366. I guess if you want to go that rout it can work, but I trust my recorder more. (Tascam DR60d)

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Lane McCall

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