June 28, 2015 at 8:30AM


Premiere Pro CC 2015 - Morph Cut Freeze Frames?

Hey everyone,

I'm on Premiere Pro CC 2015 and have tried using Morph Cut with some stationary interviews to see how it handles jump cuts; however, every time I add the transition instead of seeing a 'morph' the picture just freezes until the playhead reaches the end of the transition.

I do NOT receive the 'Analysis Failed' message.

The effect is rendered and I've tried playing with different durations. Nothing seems to be changing my outcome.

I've applied the effect to both AVCHD native MTS files as well as to ProRes and they both yield the same effect.

- I'm cutting on a 15" Retina Macbook Pro, 16GB RAM, SSD, 2.8GHz Intel i7, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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