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Providing Owned Gear

Hi All,

Recently I’ve been asked to provide a detailed list of my equipment to a Director. I’ve been hired as a third unit camera op and the Director has asked to know all my own personal equipment so that the DP can have the best equipment available for the situation. This is for a very low budget short film with well below award pay. Is this regular practice for a Director to require this? This feels beyond the bounds of what is reasonable. Any comment is appreciated, thank you.


It is not un-common for production to ask for a gear list but generally not so the DP can have the best equipment available. I could see the DIT asking you what type of gear you are using so he can make sure to match all cameras in post or discuss. And I could see a producer asking you for a list for insurance purposes. But I do recommend you create a detailed google doc of all the gear you own with serial #s for your records. It is a pain in the neck the first time you do it but I can only say that by having it has saved me in multiple situations mostly for lost, stolen, or insurance purposes. And in this case you could simply copy and paste and move on.

Every situation is different and espically on small scale budgets, sometimes everyone is just trying to make the project the best the can with available resources. Be positive through the process, process the takeaway and make your resolve be on the next time they hire you for a job.

December 21, 2017 at 4:40PM

Blake Vincent Kueny
Partner + Content Director

Hi Blake,

Thanks for your response! It was interesting chatting to the director as I clarified the costs associated with the gear and my time and they basically said that because the other crew were happy to provide their time and their gear for a small fee over multiple days that I should be fine with that as well.

I don't think they'll be offering any insurance towards equipment unfortunately.
I will definitely create a detailed equipment list with serial numbers as well, thanks for the tip!

Because the film community is tight nit where I'm from I won't back out because of reputational consequences but I will be asking for all details before saying yes to a project future.

Thanks Again!

Tom Bunderra

December 21, 2017 at 7:13PM

Charge what you think your time and gear are worth. Not sure what the question is here.

December 22, 2017 at 3:27PM


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