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A Question About Editing ?

I work on a laptop with following specifications :
intel i3 Processor
(i actually don't own it, my friend bought it, he doesn't use it so i use it for my video editing)
It isn't very powerful computer so need to create proxies for my footage from a rented 5D mark4 and Phantom 4 Pro.
So i do work with these situations with no problem.
But the thing is i came to know that i can rent Sony FS7 for like $70 per day.
And i dont know if my computer can handle FS7 footage. If it survives proxies, im afraid it might break while rendering.
So i decided
The money i was collecting for my camera i will spend it on a Building My Own PC.
So anyone who can tell me what should be my system requirements for next PC that i can build and then edit FS7 like cameras (may be even RED 5.0)
Thank you


Matthias's comments seem true to me with DaVinci Resolve. I upgraded to a 3Gb GTX 1060 because my old card was no longer compatible. Whilst rendering, my old first gen i7 is at 100% yet the GTX1060 is barely ticking over. It may be old but it's no slouch.

Being English, I have an advantage, after a good editing session, it's time for a cup of tea whilst it renders.

February 16, 2018 at 11:44AM, Edited February 16, 11:44AM

Julian Richards
Film Warlord

Hello for minimum specs i would go to 32 gig ram.
GPU 4 gig vram (for 4k) You can sometimes find cheap 2hand gaming cards i would stick with nvidia for cudda support.
And 2 ssd's they dont have to be big or super fast. 1 for your os and 1 for your cache and export files.
You could put your media on an external disk raid system so you can expand it when neccesary (maybe have a raid 5 system for security reasons if somme of your disks crash you can still recover).

February 19, 2018 at 5:48AM


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