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Everyday we got new people of youngster want to become a filmmaker, wether is a small job, big job, small job big pay or big job small pay we all want to be part of the filmmaking side of the world.

However as reality hits, people can't make films but not earning any money out of it; because in the world we live in money is what keep us alive.

So i see thousand of these post every day of the what to charge for a event, project or wedding but the question is still unsolved

and.....honestly me myself is bit lost of the rate.

Which mean we have to help answer the question that is still remain. (In a short post)
so lets do it this way:
List out:
1. Level of your videographer education
2. Years of experience in both shoot/editing
3. rate of being a freelance cameraman (1.short hours 2.half days 3.full day 4.pre hour) (in camerawork: light work, mild work, heavy work)
4. rate of being a freelance editor (1. light editing 2.mild editing 3.heavy editing)
5. extra charge
6. which city are you in?

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1. I have a Video Production & Digital Media Certificate + self learn most of the camera work afterward
2. I started film work since 10th in High School so is been 6 years of shoot/editing
3. Rate is vary for me and honestly sometime i have no idea what to say to it. So when i do it, it depend on the work more than the person (let said is a event) if is just a point and shoot as people doing their own stuff and is 7 hour I charge 25/hour (I add on the other sutff later)
4. When it comes to editing i think thats the big earn because is the editing that makes a video great so i charge higher than being a cameraman
5. when is a Cameraman I charge in food + gas + extra work
6. LA, CA

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