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Re-Greasing a Friction "Fluid" Head

Hey guys, I have a cheap friction-style (IE not real) fluid head that I'm re-greasing in an effort to get some slightly better performance out of it. My problem with it before was that it was smooth, but it would jerk every time you started moving it; it wasn't a smooth transition from rest to motion. My white lithium grease didn't change that (it actually made it worse). I read somewhere that someone used tri-flow. Has anyone one here done this, and what grease did you use?


Hey Adam,

You might slightly hate my answer, but in the long run, you're going to be happier with a true fluid head, on any sticks that you like. If you MUST use new grease, triflow is probably your best bet: http://amzn.to/1Vmqg5V

but if you CAN... move up to a better head, even if that means putting them on your old sticks. I have this Manfrotto (which always seemed too expensive, but this one is worth it's weight in gold, one of the most affordable, solid fluid heads I've ever used):


Manfrotto often has rebates as well, I would check their site for any current rebates, then follow up with your Amazon receipt to get the check from Manfrotto.

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Jordan Mederich
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Thank you so much for not just saying my tripod is garbage and I need to upgrade. I appreciate your sensitivity. :) I know what you mean though; I only found out about the friction vs. true fluid head thing a couple days ago. I actually have another tripod that is working really well. I'm just fixing the one with bad grease as a backup and because I already have it. The plan is definitely to get a true fluid head next time. Thank you for your advice!

April 13, 2016 at 2:46PM

Adam Hocutt
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